Help Stop Mandatory “Biblical Values” Classes in Guatemala July 25, 2015

Help Stop Mandatory “Biblical Values” Classes in Guatemala

Last week, I posted about how politicians in Guatemala were considering a bill to make “Biblical values” classes mandatory for all students in the country’s public and private schools. Members of the Asociación Guatemalteca de Humanistas Seculares (Guatemalan Association of Secular Humanists) were doing everything in their power to speak out against the horrible idea.

They’re now kicking their opposition into high gear, raising money to hire lawyers and obtain media exposure for their message. Turn on the subtitles and watch the video below:

This [bill] eliminates every option for parents that want their children to get a strictly secular education. If this bill passes, ALL education in Guatemala will have a religious element, based on a “literal and grammatical” interpretation of a particular Protestant version of the Christian Bible.

This is not good. This is how theocracies begin.

For the sake of transparency, a full expense list, along with fiscal documents (invoices, receipts, etc.) will be published on our website when this is over. Any money that is left (if there is any left), will be used for future campaigns, programs and actions focused on secular education and the separation of Church and State.

Because Congress is busy with other issues, there may be some time before they ever vote on this bill. Plenty of time to educate voters on why this is a bad idea.

If you can help out, please consider pitching in here.

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