Stone County Sheriff’s Office (Missouri) Puts “In God We Trust” Stickers on All Vehicles July 22, 2015

Stone County Sheriff’s Office (Missouri) Puts “In God We Trust” Stickers on All Vehicles

The Stone’s County Sheriff’s Office in Missouri just announced that all vehicles in their department now have “In God We Trust” stickers on them.

Right. It’s all about the “National Motto.” I’m sure the Bible verse on the front page of the Sheriff’s Office website — right below the sex offender registry — doesn’t give away their true intentions at all.

(Actually, Romans 13:3-4 doesn’t have to do with policemen. It’s about “rulers” who are God’s agents. Creepy.)

Makes you wonder if they’re more committed to following the Bible or the Constitution. Do atheists get punished disproportionately in this community? Is there a religious test to become an officer?

Sheriff Doug Rader, by the way, spends half of his introductory message to citizens whining about how President Obama wants to take away our guns. Clearly an intelligent, thoughtful guy at the top.

The worst part is that there probably is no legal recourse here. “In God We Trust” has become so neutralized in our court system that judges no longer see it as Christian. That’s how good it is to be in the Protestant majority in this country. You can promote your personal beliefs by saying “It’s just our nation’s motto! It’s on the money! We say ‘Under God’ in the Pledge of Allegiance!” (As if Christians in the 1950s had nothing to do with those things.) And the courts have generally said, “Yeah, okay, that’s convincing.”

(Thanks to Callie for the link)

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