Pat Robertson: Gay Marriage Will Lead to Legalized Polygamy, Bestiality, and Pedophilia July 22, 2015

Pat Robertson: Gay Marriage Will Lead to Legalized Polygamy, Bestiality, and Pedophilia

Only in Pat Robertson‘s world does a question about abortion lead down a slippery slope to bestiality.

On The 700 Club yesterday, Robertson was asked about the recent misleading videos slamming Planned Parenthood, but he used the opportunity to express his disgust about the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality and how it would lead to polygamy and sex with animals:

[The Supreme Court has] said abortion is a constitutional right. They have said homosexuality is a constitutional right. They’ve said now homosexual marriage is a constitutional right.

Watch what happens. Love affairs between men and animals are going to be absolutely permitted. Polygamy, without question, is going to be permitted. And it will be called a right

Robertson later agreed with his co-host that marriage equality would also lead to legalized “relationships with children.”

I’m tempted to explain how consent works, but that may be too complicated for Robertson to handle. Needless to say gay marriage has been legal in some states for several years now and there’s no evidence of society disintegrating into a giant all-mammalian orgy.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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