Enough is Enough: We Can’t Ignore All the Accusations and Cover-Ups and Payouts and Crimes July 19, 2015

Enough is Enough: We Can’t Ignore All the Accusations and Cover-Ups and Payouts and Crimes

Did you hear about all those people who were raped? One after another, so many came forward to tell their stories.

They were young. They thought this would be good for their future. They had no reason to doubt their decision.

But they ended up scarred for life.

The victims lived with their secrets for years, in some cases believing they did something to cause it.

It had been going on for decades but the public ignored the stories. It didn’t matter how many accusations popped up, too many people looked the other way.

They had grown up with this institution. They had too many good memories. Plus, these “victims” probably had ulterior motives. Maybe they wanted money or a little time in the spotlight.

At worst, these were exaggerations.

After all, we’re talking about a moral authority. You always showed your respect. Even when you heard some unpopular ideas, you knew they had to be said. You smiled and went along with it. In fact, you couldn’t wait to share that legacy with your children.

And then more awful stories began piling up. It became harder to ignore.

There were cover-ups. Details were hidden. Payouts were made in the hopes that the victims would just go away. But you can’t hide that many accusations.

Then the dam burst.

Too many people spoke up, even though they had little to gain. The statute of limitations may have expired, so it’s not like they were going to make any money off of this, but the truth needed to be heard. They didn’t care about the backlash.

And now we all know the truth. The details are finally public, despite all the attempts to keep them private. There were admissions of guilt. If there was any doubt before, there shouldn’t be now.

And yet there are people who will rationalize the problems, as though they’re isolated incidents. They try to point out all the good times and positive values, as if they can be separated from the crimes.

That’s dishonest, of course. This is all part of a pattern. We can’t ignore it or look away.

But we should be appalled by anyone who tries to defend the institution’s legacy. It’s been tarnished and everyone needs to accept that and just walk away.

… but enough about the Catholic Church.

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