Two LGBT Books Will Remain in Texas Library Despite Christian Push to Censor Them July 15, 2015

Two LGBT Books Will Remain in Texas Library Despite Christian Push to Censor Them

The Hood County Commissioners in Texas had a meeting yesterday morning to decide the fate of two LGBT-themed children’s books in the local library, and passions were high all around.

When you read the Raw Story article or watch the video below, notice this: The people defending the books (some of whom are Christians) speak gently and talk about tolerance and love… which the opponents drone on and on about Jesus and the Bible. (As if the library should censor materials based on whether or not they please the Christian God.)

This is why conservative Christians are embarrassing themselves on the issue of homosexuality: They only have bullshit arguments to defend their bigotry, and no one cares what their Bible says when it comes to matters of public policy.

One woman explained that the government employees and President Barack Obama had lost their “fear of the Lord.”

“The Founding Fathers designed our Constitution from Bible principles as Moses was instructed to bring the law down to the people… So, America was founded on God,” she insisted, imploring the commissioners to compare the United States to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Another common theme among Hood County residents was the notion that LGBT books were an effort to “indoctrinate our children.”

“That is their main goal,” one man said. “These books are not the problem. Sin is. I ask you to not celebrate sin, to justify it or rationalize it. Place these books in the dustbin of history with all the other books that help to destroy our society.”

These books are “indoctrinating out children”? Yeah, with kindness. Unlike evangelical churches, which teach kids to treat homosexuality as a sin.

The commissioners rightly decided to keep the books in the library.

For some reason, God’s Wrath wasn’t a very convincing argument.

(Thanks to @fmacanadaguy for the link)

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