Florida Sheriff Puts “In God We Trust” Stickers on Patrol Cars July 11, 2015

Florida Sheriff Puts “In God We Trust” Stickers on Patrol Cars

Bay County (Florida) Sheriff Frank McKeithen came up with and instituted a horrible idea: Putting “In God We Trust” stickers on every patrol car:

In God We Trust will be visible on all Bay County Sheriff’s Office vehicles hopefully by 5 pm today. This was an overwhelmingly accepted concept by Bay County Sheriff’s Deputies and they were honored and proud to display our new motto. In case anyone has questions, the stickers were donated to the sheriff’s office by a local business.

Because they can just say “it’s our motto,” there may be no legal case to make against it. However it’s very apparent that religion is the guiding force here:

“I certainly believe that the motto ‘In God We Trust’ is a perfect example of that and these are on my cars, they’re gonna be on my cars until I’m not here,” McKeithen said. “I feel very firm about it. I think it’s very important that if I’m going to be a constitutional officer, if I’m going to have officers out there working and going to your house to protect you and save you, that we should display our morals and values.”

McKeithen also says all of his officers support the decision. They wanted to make sure they all got a bumper sticker for their car.

I have no idea how it’s supposed to make people feel better when law enforcement officers basically announce “We can’t do our jobs properly, so you better hope God protects you!”

And how does McKeithen know all the officers supported the decision? Does he really think his employees are going to argue with their boss over the nature of God? Easier for dissenters to keep their mouth shut and say “okay” than point out the problems with these stickers.

Not that McKeithen cares. He just assumes everyone’s Christian and doesn’t give a damn about anyone who’s not.

This is the same community where, following some local shootings last year, a public school superintendent invited 30 Christian pastors to counsel children. So there’s a lot of ignorance in local leadership in this area.

Let’s hope Jesus can stop bullets because my confidence in the people in charge is incredibly low.

I’ve passed this along to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, though I’m not sure if there’s anything they can do here.

(Thanks to Joey for the link)

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