Christianity Today: The Facebook Rainbows Are Assaulting Us July 10, 2015

Christianity Today: The Facebook Rainbows Are Assaulting Us

A writer for Christianity Today, a publication that believes committed gay and lesbian couples are “destructive to society,” is now trying to figure out how to deal with the assault to his faith on Facebook.

Because it’s totally Christian Persecution when someone’s profile picture has rainbow colors.

This is the actual headline. #NotTheOnion
This is the actual headline. #NotTheOnion

That’s really shows you the nature of this fight, doesn’t it? Our side is trying to obtain civil rights for LGBT people and fix anti-discrimination laws… and their side can’t handle rainbows or cake.

At least the headline doesn’t match Dr. O. Alan Noble‘s rhetoric in the article. He tells readers not to respond with some anti-gay image of their own, which is good — you don’t react to someone else celebrating civil rights by reminding them how you would happily end their marriage in an instant if you had that power.

But he completely downplays the evangelical church’s role in getting to this point:

Many supported the court ruling because for so long our culture has harbored contempt, disgust, and hatred for people who deviate from heterosexuality. This is a tragic and inexcusable legacy for which the evangelical church bears some responsibility. When you can get bullied or killed for being gay, it matters when people are willing to come alongside you.

“Some”? The evangelical church has led the way in demonizing LGBT people. If you’re the “some,” who is everybody else?!

I can answer that: They’re people influenced by evangelical Christians.

Does Noble really need me to quote all the evangelical pastors who have acted like homosexuality is some sort of disease? Because the list is long and ongoing. It’s not even a “legacy,” as he puts it, because Christian leaders are still doing it. I mean, just look at the goddamn headline of this article!

You can’t put out a clarion call for kindness when people in your own faith are still acting like marriage equality is going to ruin society. Those aren’t rogue Christians or people on the fringe, by the way, but pastors who are glowingly profiled in your own magazine, who appear on television, and whose books are bestsellers.

If you still have to talk about the ethics of responding to rainbows, you sure as hell are in no position to talk to Christians about how they should show “empathy and commitment to love our LGBT neighbors.”

That would require calling out Christians who think homosexuality is some sort of perversion. That would require editors who remind you that “people who deviate from heterosexuality” is no way to talk about LGBT people. That would require looking in the mirror and seeing the monsters you’ve become.

Christianity Today is not a publication with that sort of courage.

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