Why Foundation Beyond Belief is Hosting a Conference with the Theme #BlackLivesMatter July 9, 2015

Why Foundation Beyond Belief is Hosting a Conference with the Theme #BlackLivesMatter

Later this month, Foundation Beyond Belief (which I’m on the board of) will be having a one-day conference in Boston revolving around the theme #BlackLivesMatter.

When I’ve mentioned this on social media, the responses have, sadly, been exactly what you’d expect: People saying that #AllLivesMatter and people arguing that the theme has nothing to do with Humanism.

Assuming for a moment that people who raise these issues do so in good faith, hoping to get real answers, our staff put together this video in response:

I don’t see this as “mission creep” at all. This theme is extremely relevant to skeptics everywhere. If you care about evidence, the data is clear: black people are disproportionately affected by public policy (and that’s without even getting into overt and subconscious racism). If you’re a Humanist, you should want to fix this inequity in our society because of your non-religious values.

In any case, if you’re in the Boston area, please consider coming to conference on July 25. All the details are here.

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