Just Released: The Trailer for 90 Minutes in Heaven July 9, 2015

Just Released: The Trailer for 90 Minutes in Heaven

The story of someone who “dies,” goes to Heaven for a while, and then “comes back to life” to tell us all about it is nothing new at this point. While one author has had the honesty to say he made it all up, others have had no problem profiting off all the gullible Christians who’ll believe any story that sounds hopeful and reiterates their beliefs.

It was 2007 when I first posted that Don Piper‘s book 90 Minutes in Heaven was sold to a production studio. That movie’s trailer has just been released:

That looks like 90 minutes of Hell…

The trailer explains how Piper was nearly killed in an accident. (Though he defines “nearly killed” as “killed.”) Even if the medical personnel got it wrong, Piper assumes he visited Heaven during his “death” and ultimately got better because of God.

The doctors, of course, receive none of the praise in the trailer. I’m guessing that holds true in the actual film as well. Makes sense. I’m sure they had nothing whatsoever to do with his recovery…

The movie will be released on September 11.

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