Saudi Newspaper Publishes Essay Trashing Arab Atheists July 8, 2015

Saudi Newspaper Publishes Essay Trashing Arab Atheists

Usually, a good op-ed piece offers an interesting opinion backed up with facts.

The Saudi Gazette — an English-language paper — has given up on the latter part of that equation. They just published an essay by Mohammad Al-Buraidi that’s just a long tirade against Arab atheists. Not all atheists. Just Arab ones. Because they suck. And they suck, Al-Buraidi argues, because he said so:

An Arab atheist is usually a drunk, certainly a degenerate and has definitely nothing to offer. Though some people spend time with them for a laugh, the Arab atheist assumes they are admirers.

Arab atheists are usually contradictory, deluded and with complexes gathered in a worthless mind. These people often verbally insult all that is sacred and religious, and most of them do so just to attract attention and the curiosity of common people who laugh at the idiotic notions they hear.

The Arab atheist, on the other hand, has never achieved anything and will eventually die from a drug overdose or in a traffic accident.

In comparison, a Western atheist is far better than an Arab atheist in terms of attempting to deal with and understand life and leave a deep scientific or intellectual heritage. Please do not take Arab atheists seriously. There is nothing to be taken seriously anyway.

I can’t even comprehend what I just read…

I want to say he’s just another religious atheist-hater… but he’s not! He compliments western atheists! He just *really* has it out for atheists within his culture.

He doesn’t give any statistics to back up what he’s saying. He doesn’t even offer any concrete examples. He’s just lobbing insults and conjecture and hate speech.

And a newspaper published it.

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