Ohio Public School District Promotes Bible Camp on Facebook July 8, 2015

Ohio Public School District Promotes Bible Camp on Facebook

I know it’s summer and public school districts are probably not getting much interaction on their Facebook pages… but what the hell was the Fairfield City School District in Cincinnati, Ohio thinking when it posted an advertisement for a Vacation Bible School earlier today?

I’ve reached out to the District for comment and information.

I also asked if they would promote ads from any local group, because I’m sure Camp Quest would love to get in there. Hell, I’m sure The Satanic Temple has some nearby residents who could put together a summer camp for the sole purpose of creating an ad for the District to post.

***Update***: The post will be removed. Superintendent Paul Otten told me this via email:

I was made aware of the post earlier today and have directed that the post be removed. We have been unsuccessful trying to reach the individual who usually takes care of our site so we have asked another member of our technology team to work on removing the post. It should not have been added to our page.

(Thanks to Olivia for the link)

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