Christians Can Benefit from Social Media by “Capturing Miracles,” Says Ordained Minister July 4, 2015

Christians Can Benefit from Social Media by “Capturing Miracles,” Says Ordained Minister

The site World Religion News posted a pretty generic article about how social media can help religious people spread their message to a younger generation. For the most part, it’s what you’d expect: Share sermons on YouTube! Use prayer apps! Quote the Bible on Twitter!

And then there’s this:


With the advent of social media, there is an instant connection with the world that allows for miracles to be captured, recorded and shared in real time. This instant connectivity makes religion and spirituality come alive in a way that has never been measured before. Younger generations can witness miracles online first-hand and can connect virtually with others who witnessed the same miracles. This provides users with a sense of community and a way to share amazing experiences like no other community on social media.

That would be a pretty impressive use of social media… and yet, despite all the tools at their disposal, Christians have never once uploaded an amputee regrowing a limb, or a demonstrably-paralyzed person walking following a prayer, or a tumor disappearing on sight, or anything else that would lack a natural explanation.

I know these lists often get padded, but seriously?! The author could’ve just said social media lets you have conversations with people who disagree with you and left it at that. But he went straight to capturing miracles

I’m still waiting for that YouTube link.

(Thanks to Randy for the link)

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