Kindergartners Will Soon Be Told to Experiment with Same-Sex Relationships, Says Christian Bigot July 3, 2015

Kindergartners Will Soon Be Told to Experiment with Same-Sex Relationships, Says Christian Bigot

You would’ve thought that the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling gave people a way out of saying stupid things. Republicans could now say “I don’t like it, but the Supreme Court said so. We live in a nation of laws and it’s time to move on.” But they haven’t done that. They’ve gotten even crazier, saying things like the Supreme Court has no right to pass judgment and advocating for civil disobedience.

But that’s nothing compared to conservative Christians like Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver, who thinks the ruling will lead to kindergartners being forced to experiment sexually with people of the same sex.

Responding to [radio host Jim] Schneider’s fears about the future of public education, Staver argued that we will now witness “the marching of the kids through the public schools and the indoctrination. This is the, this is going to be an assault on them of unprecedented proportions as well.” The Department of Education, he predicted, will soon be ordering schools to tell kindergartners, “‘Hey, you need to experiment as a kindergarten with whether you’re male or female. You need to, like, have some experiments and go out and have same-sex relationships.”

That is “absolutely happening and it’ll happen now on a more rapid pace,” he added.

All of this came after Staver said Christians must act like Rosa Parks and refuse to comply with unjust laws. As if Christian bigotry is on par with racial equality.

Somehow, a ruling that was supposed to save bigots from themselves has made them even more despicable human beings.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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