A Way to Respond to 40 Awful Questions from a “Loving” Christian July 3, 2015

A Way to Respond to 40 Awful Questions from a “Loving” Christian

Kevin DeYoung, writing for The Gospel Coalition website, is frustrated with fellow Christians who support marriage equality. (Because if they support two people of the same sex declaring their love for each another, where will the slippery slope of consensual love stop?!)

So he tosses out 40 questions with the unmentioned implication that there are no good answers.

Everyone at The Gospel Coalition, I assume…

5. Do you think Jesus would have been okay with homosexual behavior between consenting adults in a committed relationship?

14. Do you think children do best with a mother and a father?

19. Do you think close family members should be allowed to get married?

You get the idea. You can respond if you’d like, but it’s not like DeYoung’s paying attention. He knows how people will answer. We’ve all been answering these questions for a long time. He just doesn’t care. The Bible told him to stand in the way of love and he ain’t moving.

I would direct you instead to John Shore‘s dead-on critique of that list:

DeYoung, and all Christian “leaders” like him, traffic in fear. They rely upon the teaching and fueling of that fear to make their livings — and most of them are masters at stirring that fear while pretending to be doing nothing but innocently asking questions.

Shore turned the tables on DeYoung and his allies with his own list of questions that get right to the heart of their bigotry:

3. Without relying on any Bible quotes, what case could you make for the inherent immorality of homosexuality?

10. Do you think you spend an unhealthy amount of energy thinking and worrying about the”sexual sins” of others?

35. Do you believe it’s possible to sound profound while asking questions a first-grader could answer?

Love it. At this point, the law may be on the right side, but there are people in the Christian world who will drag their feet and act like same-sex marriages are ruining society. If you’re a Christian who takes your faith seriously, then you need to speak out against this sort of bullshit thinking so that people like DeYoung don’t become the public faces of your religion. Call out your pastors and Christian leaders who believe something horrible happened a week ago.

If you don’t… well, it becomes a lot easier for people like me to equate your faith with those heartless bigots.

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