Jim Carrey Goes on Ignorant Twitter Tirade Over California’s New Vaccine Law July 1, 2015

Jim Carrey Goes on Ignorant Twitter Tirade Over California’s New Vaccine Law

Yesterday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 277, finally ending vaccine exemptions for reasons of conscience or religious belief:

It was the right move in terms of public safety, but anti-vaxxers are all over the airwaves this week talking about how their “choice” to put children in harm’s way has been taken away from them.

Leading the charge last night was actor Jim Carrey — who, not coincidentally, used to date Jenny McCarthy.

In a series of tweets to his 14.7 million followers, he talked out of his ass more than he’s ever done in an Ace Ventura film:

He’s still at it today.

Maybe Carrey should chat with experts who actually know what they’re talking about:

Routine childhood vaccines haven’t contained thimerosal, the preservative to which Carrey objects, since 2001. The Food and Drug Administration ordered that thimerosal be taken out of vaccines due to some parents’ concerns that the preservative — made with ethyl mercury — might cause autism. Seven studies now show no link between autism and thimerosal, said Paul Offit, chief of infectious disease at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

As for the fascism comment

Fascism is when a government imposes its will upon the people by fiat. Nothing like that has happened in California — not even close. The legislature heard testimony, debated and then voted through the law to end liberal exemptions. Passing a law through the legislature and having the governor sign it is called democracy!

And if parents don’t want to vaccinate their children, they still have that option. They just have to home-school their kids in that case.

Dumb and Dumber never sounded so appropriate.

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