Tweet Featuring Rainbow Kaaba in Mecca Draws Threats June 29, 2015

Tweet Featuring Rainbow Kaaba in Mecca Draws Threats

***Update*** (6/30/15): The folks at Atheist Republic told me why they posted this image:

Legalizing gay marriage in the United States was a step in the right direction. This image was meant to serve as a reminder that there are many others that still live under fear of persecution, physical violence and even death for who they are.

To those who say it’s disrespectful? “If it hurts your feelings, don’t look at it.”

They also added:

This was posted on an atheist Facebook page, an atheist Twitter account, website etc. Offended Muslims that come to atheist websites and get offended are either looking for reasons to get offended or need to learn how to block content that they wish not to be exposed to.

You can read a fuller response on their website.

You thought the rainbow-colored lights outside the White House were angering conservatives?

That’s nothing compared to the responses seen after the folks at Atheist Republic posted this image on Twitter, hoping that Islam (in addition to Christianity) would eventually come to accept LGBT individuals:

The threats and complaints came quickly:

Yesterday afternoon, I reached out to Atheist Republic to see what they hoped the reaction would be to the tweet and whether they’re taking these threats seriously. I’ll update this post if/when I hear back.

(via Sean McGuire)

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