Anti-Gay Christian Has Questions for Marriage Equality Supporters, But He Doesn’t Care to Hear Your Answers June 28, 2015

Anti-Gay Christian Has Questions for Marriage Equality Supporters, But He Doesn’t Care to Hear Your Answers

Samuel James is the Communications Specialist for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (of the Southern Baptist Convention). The last time we talked about him, he was telling Christians not to call out fellow Jesus-followers when they did something awful/embarrassing because it would hurt the brand.

His most recent post, about the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling, is equally pathetic.


Just check out one of the questions:

2) Given that same-sex marriage is legal now, would the loss of certain liberties, like the liberty of churches to only perform marriages for heterosexual couples or the liberty of Christian schools to house only heterosexual couples, be a good loss, a bad loss, or a neutral loss for American culture? In other words, how important is the ability of not just individuals but groups and corporations to still speak and operate as they would if same-sex marriage were not legal? Using the example of a church, the question might be: If churches were required to offer their facilities and a minister to a same-sex wedding ceremony, would such a law have a good, bad, or neutral effect on you?

Considering that churches have absolutely no obligation to host or perform or sanctify gay weddings, the question makes no sense. He just assumes gay people are going to invade Christian churches, demanding pastors officiate their weddings, something that has happened exactly never.

The rest of the questions — like whether you’d hire an anti-gay Christian — are laughable because he’s basically wondering whether LGBT people and allies will be tolerant towards evangelical Christians now that the law is on our side. He doesn’t even bother acknowledging that his own side has failed on this front so many times over. He doesn’t mention how LGBT people have sometimes been driven to suicide because of bullying from Christians. He doesn’t mention how his side has tried to pass laws making life worse for LGBT people while the worst thing Christians have had to endure is accepting money to bake cakes when they don’t feel like it.

You’re welcome to answer his questions on your own… there’s just one problem: He shut off the comments.

Because he doesn’t actually care about your responses. He just gets off on feigning interest.

But what else did you expect from someone aligned with the Religious Right? He acts persecuted when he’s not. Then he pretends like he’s asking important philosophical questions but shuts the door so he doesn’t have to hear your answers.

How is this guy a “communications specialist” when he doesn’t even want to communicate!?

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