The Core Principles of an Anti-Gay Bigot June 26, 2015

The Core Principles of an Anti-Gay Bigot

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) — an organization dedicated to spreading lies about homosexuality and one that is rightfully considered an anti-gay “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center — just released its first draft of “Core Principles and Beliefs.”

AFTAH Founder Peter LaBarbera (front left, with mic)

So this should be interesting. How many core values just reek of bigotry?

1) Homosexual behavior and trans-gender rebellion are morally wrong as they defy Nature and Nature’s God.

Well, I guess that settles it. But lets give President Peter LaBarbera some credit for writing transgender without quotation marks around the word.

2) Homosexuality is not the basis for a healthy self-identity; embracing homosexual or transgender lifestyles/behaviors is a very bad and destructive choice.

But hatred is a solid foundation for the rest of your life!

3) Homosexuality is about What You Do, not Who You Are. Everyone is responsible before God for his or her sexual conduct.

Just like heterosexuality is all about which positions you prefer in the bedroom and nothing else ever.

4) Homosexualism and gender confusion are not the basis for civil rights.

Well, they shouldn’t have to be. But when Christians throw the weight of the Bible against LGBT Americans — just as they did to block civil rights for African-Americans — those of us on the side of progress have to fight back. Bible-thumpers were wrong before and they’re wrong now.

5) All people as human beings created in the image of God deserve respect; all behaviors and ideologies do not.

If LaBarbera really believed that, then he’d change the way he dehumanizes LGBT people by reducing them to what they do in the bedroom.

6) Unlike race and ethnicity, homosexuality is not immutable: people can pursue virtuous change and leave aberrant sex- and transgender lifestyles behind.

… Says the Christian with no expertise in this area. Actual experts will tell you that you don’t get to choose your sexual orientation — as will just about every gay and lesbian person. (There are always anomalies in every group, but certainly not enough to discredit the “born this way” idea.) It’s not like LGBT people flipped some magical sexuality switch when they got to college.

7) All sex outside of a faithful marriage between one man and one woman is morally wrong. Singling out homosexuality while ignoring other sexual sins is unacceptable.

LaBarbera, whose organization proudly ignores other sexual sins, should take his own advice. People might take him more seriously if he complained about pre-marital sex between straight people as much as he did marital sex between gay people. (Oh, who am I kidding? He lost all credibility years ago.)

8) Homosexual practice is extremely unhealthy, because Nature itself discriminates against homosexuality.

Nature doesn’t discriminate against homosexuality. It really doesn’t.

9) People embracing homosexualism and trans-gender confusion, like all people caught up in self and sin, need the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the gracious, truthful outreach of compassionate Christians.

Somehow, this is the least objectionable item on his list so far…

10) It is wrong to hate people, but defending biblical teachings and Natural Law morality on sex and marriage is not “hate.” Nor is it “bigotry.”

That’s the same exact argument used by Christians who used the Bible to defend racism. We’re not haters! We’re just following the Bible!

It’s bullshit. It doesn’t matter how you justify your beliefs. If you’re a homophobe or a racist, you’re a bigot.

11) Out-and-proud homosexualism and transsexualism are incompatible with historic, faithful Christianity.

But closeted homosexuality is totally cool. Thanks, Peter!

12) Today’s “gay” movement is rooted in the lies of the media-hyped Sexual Revolution, most notably the discredited work of pseudo-scientist Dr. Alfred Kinsey

I promise you most gay people have no idea who Kinsey is. More importantly, though, they’re not motivated by sex. There’s a movement because many people, from many different backgrounds, realized that the government denying civil liberties to LGBT people made no sense and they want it to change. Evangelical Christianity is on the wrong side of this battle.

13) AFTAH condemns all violence perpetrated against people practicing or advocating homosexuality or other sexual/gender perversions, including Muslim Sharia Law barbarities committed against alleged homosexuals.

Finally, something we can agree on.

You know, if LaBarbera made this the first (and only) item on his list, maybe he wouldn’t be considered such a horrible human being.

But there’s a reason it’s the last item. It’s the one he doesn’t really give a damn about.

He opposes violence against LGBT people… but perpetuates misinformation that pushes gay kids to kill themselves. Just because he didn’t pull the trigger doesn’t mean he’s absolved of all responsibility.

What a despicable person.

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