Christianity Today: With Marriage Equality Out of the Way, LGBT People Might Embrace Us! June 26, 2015

Christianity Today: With Marriage Equality Out of the Way, LGBT People Might Embrace Us!

Christianity Today‘s editor Mark Galli admits that his side lost the marriage equality battle and offers some hilarious advice to fellow evangelicals.


Reach out. Now that the issue of gay marriage is decided, we may find that we have a greater opportunity than ever to build fruitful relationships with those in the LGBT community who have been hostile to all things Christian. Up to this point, we’ve been seen as a threat to their political agenda. Now that we have lost on the issue of gay marriage, that threat is removed and it may not be long before we see more willingness to engage us as fellow human beings. We should welcome and even initiate those moments as opportunities to share — in mercy (Matt. 5:7) — the good and beautiful news of the gospel like never before.

That’s some mighty wishful thinking right there… (And, oh, the sheer audacity of an evangelical Christian saying gay people might engage them as “fellow human beings after the horrible, untrue things church leaders have said about homosexuality…)

Trust me, LGBT people and allies know damn well where you stand on this issue.

Just because marriage equality is no longer up for debate doesn’t mean you suddenly had a change of heart on this matter. (Or obtained a heart on this matter.)

We all know that you would undo this decision in a heartbeat if you could.

We all know you bristle as the thought of a gay couple sharing a wedding kiss.

We know evangelical pastors are still going to refuse to perform gay weddings. They have that right, of course, but it shows their true colors.

We know conservative Christians aren’t about to disappear on this issue. Already, Christian groups and prominent leaders are lamenting the fall of society, as if something bad happened this morning. There are still states where gay people can legally be discriminated in ways other than marriage, and we know that Christians will be the driving force to continue that bigotry.

So good for you, everyone at Christianity Today, for admitting defeat. But you’re deluding yourselves if you think this decision will open the doors to faith-based relationships with LGBT people.

You lost the case, but you’re still on the wrong side of the issue.

Until you figure out how love works, there’s no reason for anybody, much less LGBT people, to join your tribe.

They have no obligation to “engage” you after everything you’ve done to them — and would continue to do to them if only the damn law wasn’t in the way.

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