New Facial Recognition Software Lets Pastors Know Who’s Not Attending Church June 24, 2015

New Facial Recognition Software Lets Pastors Know Who’s Not Attending Church

Since it’s not enough to believe God’s watching over your congregation, church leaders now have a new tool to do that work for Him. It’s called Churchix and it’s a facial recognition system that lets you know who’s in the pews:

Churchix identifies event attending members in videos and photos. All you need to do is enrol high quality photos of your members into the software data base, then connect a live video USB camera or upload recorded videos or photos — and Churchix will identify your members!

Churchix is designed for Church administrators and event managers who want to save the pain of manually tracking their members attendance to their events.

It’s already being used at 30 churches around the world with more to come.

I don’t blame the company for offering its software to people who might want to know which members are attending events… but does anything think church leaders only have good intentions here?

Church is a place where guilt functions as currency. If you have something better going on with your life than attending a service or event, at what point will you have to start explaining your decisions to church leader? The last thing they need is another way to control you.

More questions: Will church leaders tell their congregations they’re even using this software? Can members opt out of the system? Are churches using this software in a state requiring permission to collect faceprints? At what point will churches know exactly how much everyone is donating? Who wants to bet that Pastor Ed “I want your bank account number” Young is going to be all over this technology?

Thankfully, atheists have already figured out a way around the system. If you never go to church in the first place, they can’t track you.

Checkmate, God!

(via Valerie Tarico. Image via Shutterstock)

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