Disney May Be Developing a Film About Charles Darwin June 24, 2015

Disney May Be Developing a Film About Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin has had a rough go in theaters over the years. The most recent biopic, 2010’s Creation with Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly, made less than a million dollars worldwide and was barely memorable.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits (2012), which included Darwin as a mere side character, did considerably better, but let’s face it: You didn’t watch it. Hell, this is probably the first time you even heard about it.

Charles Darwin in The Pirates! Band of Misfits

But if Disney gets involved, maybe that will change…

According to Deadline‘s Mike Fleming, Jr.,

Disney has closed a deal to acquire an untitled pitch that Oscar-winning Traffic scribe Stephen Gaghan will write to direct. Scant details were available, but I’m told that it is an adventure film involving Charles Darwin, the British naturalist and geologist who made breakthroughs in the areas of evolution and natural selection.

Who knows. Maybe it’ll be so good, it wins an award! (Oh wait…)

Even if this gets into theaters, there’s no indication it would promote evolution or use Darwin as anything more than a historical anchor. That said the very nature of the project could invite protests from Creationists (which could be entertaining) but I wouldn’t get excited until the nature of the film starts to take shape.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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