A Reminder of Why Gov. Bobby Jindal is an Awful Candidate for President June 24, 2015

A Reminder of Why Gov. Bobby Jindal is an Awful Candidate for President

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is the latest GOP candidate to throw his hat into the 2016 ring. While I’m sure readers of this site have no plan to vote for him, it’s worth remembering just why that is.

(To be clear, candidates’ religious beliefs shouldn’t exclude them from running for office. But their inability to think reasonably and rationally — however you define that — has always been up for debate, and Jindal is a candidate who has displayed ignorance time and time again.)

So the same man who once warned the GOP against becoming known as the “stupid party” has done everything in his power to perpetuate that very stereotype.

A lot of these reasons could easily apply to the other GOP candidates. But Jindal, for some reason, gets a lot more respect than several others in the race.

He hasn’t earned it and he sure as hell doesn’t deserve it. He’s a national disaster in the making.

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