Christian Leader: Let’s Help Muslims Observe Ramadan by Introducing Them to Jesus June 22, 2015

Christian Leader: Let’s Help Muslims Observe Ramadan by Introducing Them to Jesus

During this time of Ramadan, a month of fasting for Muslims worldwide, Jerry Rankin, president emeritus of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board, knows exactly how Christians can help Muslims during the holiest time of their year:

You know what this picture is missing? The One True God.

What if Christians fervently prayed during the month of Ramadan that God would reveal himself to Muslims in this time of seeking?

It is tragic that we should be so wrapped up in our self-interests and worldview that we would be indifferent to more than a billion followers of Islam in the world that are dying without Christ, but this month are seeking what only he can provide. We are repulsed by a religion that seems to justify terrorism and suicide bombers committed to the destruction of life, but don’t we realize that Jesus is the answer? Rather than hardening our hearts and dismissing their lostness to the judgment of God as something they deserve, we should plead for their hearts to be open to God revealing himself.

So… the pot is praying for the kettle. Lovely.

Can you imagine how furious Rankin (or any other Christian leader) would be if a Muslim publication dared to say the exact same thing? On Christmas, we can teach these Christians about Allah and the Prophet Muhammad!

They’d be freaking out and calling for armed protection.

Because conversions are only allowed to go in one direction.

I guess we should all be happy that Rankin is only calling on Christians to pray that this happens instead of doing anything meaningful to create the change.

(via Christianity Today, a publication that wants you to know it opposes civil rights. Image via Shutterstock)

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