Bill Donohue: If Politicians Listen to the Pope on Climate Change, They’re Violating Church/State Separation June 21, 2015

Bill Donohue: If Politicians Listen to the Pope on Climate Change, They’re Violating Church/State Separation

Does the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue understand what church/state separation means?

Of course not. You knew the answer to that as soon as I wrote “understand.”

In this case, the Donohue thinks the urging of politicians to embrace Pope Francis‘ call for concern about climate change is somehow a violation of the law:

It is striking how many traditional proponents of separation of church and state are now screaming at Republican Catholics to get in line and start taking their marching orders from Rome. All of a sudden church and state separation is an anathema: they want the pope to shove his teachings down their throat. Correction: they only want the pope’s position on climate change to be imposed — not his condemnation of abortion.

The New York Times, which normally loves church-state separation, is today expressing its hope that governments the world over will adopt the pope’s “unexpectedly authoritative and confident” encyclical. “Sadly,” it notes, “the encyclical, compelling as it is, is unlikely to have a similarly positive effect on American politics.”

None of this is about church/state separation.

The Pope, in this particular case, wrote something worthwhile. (And even then, not all of it was ideal.)

Of course we want politicians to take good ideas seriously no matter where they come from. Just because the Pope said it doesn’t mean we want the U.S. government to illegally embrace Catholicism. The Bible never has to come into this discussion.

Donohue seems to think if politicians agree with religious leaders on anything, liberals ought to be be furious. Maybe that’s because he’s so used to no one agreeing with him that seeing people fawn over a different (actual) Catholic leader makes him angry…

He’s wrong, obviously. The Pope is right about climate change. Let’s hope people in power listen. The Pope is wrong about birth control. They can ignore him there.

Even Pat Robertson is right every once in a while. It doesn’t mean politicians are endorsing Christianity if they take his advice on decriminalizing pot.

(Image via YouTube. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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