“God Loves Gays” Billboards Go Up in Utah June 18, 2015

“God Loves Gays” Billboards Go Up in Utah

Last September, after raising more than $80,000 online, Facebook God finally had a billboard put up right next to Westboro Baptist Church.

And now He’s done it again in Salt Lake City and Orem:

“God met an excellent billboard broker whose specialty is hunting these billboards down,” the God group told BuzzFeed in an email. “After half a year of trying, we were able to finally find a few boards in Utah.”

In response to a request from BuzzFeed News, whoever is behind “God” declined to identify himself or herself, saying, “No thanks. God prefers to not get shot in the head by some fanatic.”

Brilliant. The extra money from the fundraising campaign will be used for bus ads and donations to the National Alliance to End Homelessness and The Trevor Project.

You can still donate to the campaign here. If God raises another $5,000, these billboards could be coming to Michigan next.

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