Christian Writer Creates Guide to “Training Your Wife” June 16, 2015

Christian Writer Creates Guide to “Training Your Wife”

We know that one of the worst aspects of conservative Christian culture is how women are often treated as inferior to men. (Or, to paraphrase pastors, they’re equal; they just have “different roles.”)

A website called the Trailer Club (“We esteem women & value them”) just offered up a perfect example of this type of sexism. I thought it was a parody site when I first saw it, but now I’m not so sure.

Author Heath Stoner posted a piece that’s literally called “The Gentlemen’s Guide To Training Your Wife“:


I believe every wife needs to be trained to be a great partner to their husband. That training usually happened during their childhood from their mom or dad. The training continued throughout the women’s own self-development before she was married. But, what if the wife was not trained? What if she is lacking certain skills, manners, or other things that are necessary for her to being a great partner for her husband?

Stoner says that he has his own faults, but we never learn about what they are or how his wife has to train him. This post only reflects the owner/dog relationship they have cultivated. And the most eye-popping thing about it is how he uses the word “gentlemen” throughout, as if he’s doing all of us a favor:

1. A Gentleman brings training to his wife by putting her in training environments

4. A Gentlemen provides financial resources to bring training to his wife

Question: Are there any other ways that a true Gentleman can help their wife be trained?

This guy’s just full of awesome, isn’t he?

If you can’t wait for your daughter to marry someone from the church at which Stoner serves as youth pastor, you may want to get to work teaching her some useful skills like shoe-shining and filling up his pipe.

How else will she end up with “the greatest husband of all time“?

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