Ayaan Hirsi Ali Wants to Know if Ben Affleck Would Play Muhammad in a Movie June 15, 2015

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Wants to Know if Ben Affleck Would Play Muhammad in a Movie

In a new video for Big Think, Ayaan Hirsi Ali reflects on the “debate” between Ben Affleck and Sam Harris over what constitutes Islamophobia.

I look at the Sam Harris and Ben Affleck discussion and I think there is a thinker and somebody who’s not thinking

Would Ben Affleck play the part? He can play Batman, but would be playing Mohammed? And the answer to that question tells me he needs a second chance to think these things through. Any actor in Hollywood who is very successful who is not willing to act that part should not go around making accusations of bigotry to others.

When you attack the people who actually stick their heads out and accuse them of bigotry, again the scene of Ben Affleck accusing Sam Harris of bigotry, that tells me do you really know what you’re saying? It’s almost like giving a child a timeout, you know, it’s like Ben you’re a great guy; go and re-think this. Go and think.

Her video is perhaps too deferential to her friend Harris, who I think has gone too far at times regarding how to treat Muslims in America, but her point is a good one: It’s not Islamophobic to point out what people are doing in the name of Islam, or to mention that those who support the terrorists’ actions are hardly a fringe group, or to quote awful things directly from the Qur’an, or to share her own experiences within the faith.

As someone who suffered under Islamic culture, she’s in an ideal position to talk about how the faith can (and must) be reformed, something she discusses extensively in her book Heretic.

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