Franklin Graham: I’m Not a Hypocrite for Taking My Money to a Gay-Friendly Bank June 12, 2015

Franklin Graham: I’m Not a Hypocrite for Taking My Money to a Gay-Friendly Bank

Over the past few days, we’ve all been having fun pointing and laughing at Christian embarrassment Franklin Graham for taking his money out of Wells Fargo bank for using a gay couple in its ads… and moving it to North Carolina-based BB&T bank, which just so happens to be even more supportive of LGBT rights.

Hilarious. (Seriously, just watch the last 30 seconds of this Rachel Maddow clip.)

Now, Graham says he’s totally not a hypocrite, writing in USA Today that none of this caught him by surprise at all:

It is true that a local BB&T branch in the Miami area hosted a fundraiser for a program called Legacy Couples, which recognizes same-sex couples who have been in committed relationships for 10 years or more, but the bank did not promote this program through a national advertising campaign (or we would still be looking for another bank).

Got it, everyone? His organization is only doing business with BB&T because, well, they don’t have the ability to run a national advertising campaign.

(How great would it be for BB&T to make a bold statement in support of LGBT couples? C’mon, BB&T! Use your Twitter account for more than robotic, repeated customer service messages.)

In any case, what does Graham say about the idea of his new bank being “gay friendly”?

it may surprise some to learn that I think every business should be gay-friendly. By that I mean businesses — like individuals — should be friendly to gay customers and citizens. We should be friendly to everyone, even if or when we disagree with them.

So there you go. Graham, who believes gay people deserve to be tortured for all of eternity because his God said so, is all for being kind to gays.

Unless, you know, they want equal rights or fair treatment under the law. In that case, forget it. Kindness only goes so far.

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