Atheist Comedian Eddie Izzard: I’m Running for Mayor of London in 2020 June 12, 2015

Atheist Comedian Eddie Izzard: I’m Running for Mayor of London in 2020

Well, if an atheist wants to run for elected office, doing it overseas is probably a good bet.

Comedian Eddie Izzard (who performed at the 2012 Reason Rally) said in an interview that he plans to run for Mayor of London in 2020:

American politicians who aren’t religious may claim they are, out of fear or pandering. But comedian Eddie Izzard will run for mayor of London an an atheist, and he expects no fallout.

That’s because Brits aren’t so religiously punishing to candidates now, partly because World War II killed millions of people and many people’s faith, Izzard said.

“We had a Second World War happen on our land mass. Of the 50 million that died, probably about 35 million died” in the region, he said. “And I think we noticed God wasn’t there or didn’t care.”

When he runs for office in 2020, Izzard, 53, vows not to apologize for old jokes or positions, including his take that he doesn’t like the idea of monarchy.

I’m not sure how serious he is about running for office, but if Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) is an example, comedians turning into politicians is a trend we could all get behind. The best comedians, after all, are known for sharing hard truths with their audiences.

Plus, most politicians are unintentional comedians anyway. It can’t be that much of a stretch.

This isn’t the first time Izzard has floated the idea — he brought it up during an interview with ABC News (Australia) earlier this year.

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