Why Don’t Christian Writers Know Why People Really Leave Church? June 9, 2015

Why Don’t Christian Writers Know Why People Really Leave Church?

Holly Baer has a simple request for Christian writers: Stop trying to explain why people are leaving the church!

Or, if you’re going to explain the reasons, at least try to be honest.

Please, for the love of God, stop assuming you know why the Nones or Dones leave the church better than they do. Stop assuming it has something to do with the superficial. Stop assuming these leavers have never delved into scripture. Many are well read in scripture and church history, I know I am. I’ve personally read the Bible no fewer than eight times, each time with the fervor of a devout woman trying desperately to know her creator, and I still left.

Everyone has their own reasons for leaving — whether it’s the church’s stance on LGBT rights or, you know, all of the nutty theology — but I’ve never had anyone tell me they left because the church wasn’t “authentic” enough. That’s what you say about a bad Mexican restaurant and nothing else.

If Christians want to know why we really leave, they can just ask us. In the meantime, if it applies to you, let us know in the comments why you left your church.

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