Message on Florida Pastor’s Church Marquee Compares Gay Scout Leaders to Predators June 8, 2015

Message on Florida Pastor’s Church Marquee Compares Gay Scout Leaders to Predators

The Congregational Church — a Jesus-loving group of people, I assume — put a rather crude message on their Nokomis, Florida outdoor marquee:

Gay Scout leaders are like… Well… you know.

There’s a fox and a chicken — predator and prey — featured with the second half of the message.

“I hate people if I disagree with them — that’s absolutely false,” says K.C. McCay pastor of Congregational Church in Nokomis. McCay admits he was baiting for a response but it’s his way of opposing gay scout leaders.

“As I scout I was molested,” says McCay. He adds, “We need to protect our children.”

Mccay says his church welcomes everyone. He says, “Our church loves homosexuals, loves murders [sic], adulterers. We serve people for Christ not here to bring hate to anybody we don’t hate… but we have a right to free speech.”

And I have the right to call you a bigoted jerk who hides his prejudice under the cover of Christianity.

The fact that he could even put LGBT people in the same sentence as murderers tells you just how warped his beliefs are — and keep in mind that most evangelical Christians would tell you they believe the exact same thing.

The fact that he was molested — which is awful — shouldn’t stop all gay adults from becoming scout leaders any more than the pedophile’s skin color should affect other people in the same group. Everyone in those positions should have to go through a thorough background check before taking a leadership position with the Boy Scouts of America.

David Badash points out that Pastor McKay made headlines in 2006 when, on the anniversary of September 11, his marquee had the message “Muslims can convert to Christianity here!”

He sounds pleasant…

In any case, it’s this sort of anti-gay behavior that’s keeping a lot of young people out of the church, and it’s only going to get worse the more Christians spread these lies. For some reason, they believe condemning gay people using whatever lies they can make up is not only honoring their God, it’s bringing more people into the fold.

Then again, if McKay believes all gay scout leaders want to molest kids, it’s hardly surprising that he thinks Jesus is rooting for him.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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