A Fox News Expert Actually Said Some Sensible Things About the Duggars June 8, 2015

A Fox News Expert Actually Said Some Sensible Things About the Duggars

Dr. Keith Ablow (center, below) is Fox News Channel’s go-to medical expert… meaning his job is to give you the worst possible advice in a given situation.

Abortion? Men ought to veto a woman’s choice.

Transgender people? They’ve bullied America into accepting things that aren’t true.

Gay marriage? It’ll lead to polygamy and incest.

But when he was brought on to discuss Josh Duggar‘s wandering hands and the family in general, he offered the most sensible take on the matter, challenging the counselors Josh Duggar was taken to, raising good points about the family’s version of the story, and questioning the parents’ wisdom in general.

It helps that Ablow was talking to Pastor Robert Jeffress and host Sean Hannity, two men who make everyone else around them sound smart. But when Ablow is the voice of reason, that’s pretty scary. Start listening at 6:01 to see Jeffress start flipping out:

Ablow questioned how multiple girls could remain sleeping as their vaginas and breasts were being felt up, brought up how Josh Duggar’s sexual repression may have contributed to his problems, and argued that having 19 kids means the parents couldn’t supervise them properly.

I suppose I should say something about a stopped clock here, but I think that’s a little generous…

More likely than not, he’ll just slip back into his usual mode when the next crisis hits. Enjoy this one while it lasts.

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