Five Doctors Explain Why They Provide Abortion Services June 6, 2015

Five Doctors Explain Why They Provide Abortion Services

A group called Physicians for Reproductive Health just put out this neat video featuring five doctors explaining why they’re abortion providers.

They’re not nearly as evil as pro-lifers would have you believe…

The last man in the video (in the picture above) is Dr. Willie Parker, a devout Christian who was profiled in Esquire last year. His is a fascinating story.

But the overall message is an important one: These doctors were called to provide the procedure because it’s a way of advancing compassion and justice, helping women in a time of need, and doing what even many pro-choice doctors aren’t equipped to do.

Advocating for choice is fruitless unless there are professionals who can be there for patients.

These doctors deserve a lot of respect for their services. Though I fear they’ll just be demonized for what they’re doing.

(via @LeahNTorres)

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