Jesus Appears in Church Painting Rust Stain… Just as God Intended June 3, 2015

Jesus Appears in Church Painting Rust Stain… Just as God Intended

A church in Newport, Rhode Island thinks it’s been inhabited by magic.

St. John the Evangelist Church has a 12th Station of the Cross painting, which for years now has had a stain underneath it. A stain no one can remove.

So of course it’s the blood of Jesus:

On Sunday, the Rev. Nathan J.A. Humphrey’s sermon addressed the “mysterious red mark,” suggesting that, whether of earthly or divine origins, it was evidence of Jesus’ presence in the church.

Theoretically, the tin of the painting could account for rust, if that is what it is, leaching out onto the wall, Humphrey said, but the fact that the Stations can’t be removed from the wall makes it difficult to tell.

Humphrey, who said he hadn’t noticed the stain until it was pointed out by frequent visitor Daryl Gonyon, of Fall River, said he doesn’t intend to test the stain to see what it is made of, but says anyone who wants to do so is welcome.

It’s totally Jesus, everyone. Unless it’s the rust… but why settle for a natural explanation when there’s a perfectly unbelievable supernatural one at our fingertips??! DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH THAT PAINTING!

There’s Catholic logic in a nutshell: We can find out… but we choose to live in ignorance.

Plus, if Jesus wanted to let everyone know he stopped by, you’d hope he’d find a better way to do it that chameleoning into a rust stain.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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