Emails Document Teaching of Creationism in Louisiana Public School Science Classes June 3, 2015

Emails Document Teaching of Creationism in Louisiana Public School Science Classes

Zack Kopplin continues his series of articles documenting the problem of Creationism creeping into Louisiana schools with his latest piece in Slate.

This time, he got copies of emails proving that the Book of Genesis literally made its way into a high school science class.

What I imagine Zack looks like 23 hours of the day

Like this one from Airline High School science teacher Shawna Creamer to Principal Jason Rowland:

You wanted me to let you know when I was planning the Creation point of view. I will be doing this on Monday 3/21. The students will actually be doing most of the presenting. We will read in Genesis and them some supplemental material debunking various aspects of evolution from which the students will present. We will start off at the beginning of the period and I do not anticipate it lasting the entire time. That will be 1st and 2nd block.

This isn’t just one rogue teacher. This is a corrupt administration allowing this to proceed. And there are plenty more emails where this one came from. It’s a wonder no one has sued the state yet. Maybe if someone did, this would all end:

Louisiana school districts are clearly breaking the law all the time, but the Louisiana Legislature still refuses to repeal the Science Education Act [which ironically promotes Creationism – HM]. These newly released emails, from districts across the state, show that this law is being used systematically to teach creationism in public schools. This puts Louisiana on a collision course with a First Amendment lawsuit.

All it will take is for one Louisiana parent or student to sue the state for endorsing religion in public school, and teaching creationism will become illegal again. But for the moment, because Louisiana politicians refuse to take action, Louisiana students are reading Genesis in science class.

Kudos to Zack for not backing down on this issue and for continuing to expose the ways students in his home state are being screwed out of a proper science education.

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