Despite Ample Evidence of ACLU Defending Christians, Creationist Ken Ham Still Preaches Persecution Myth June 3, 2015

Despite Ample Evidence of ACLU Defending Christians, Creationist Ken Ham Still Preaches Persecution Myth

A Native American high school senior made headlines recently because he wanted to wear an eagle feather, a symbol of his faith, during his graduation ceremony. The Clovis Unified School District in California said no. The student sued. And he won, which was the right call. This was hardly a disruptive religious symbol and it was student-initiated.

The ACLU defended that student, Christian Titman, and that shouldn’t surprise anybody. The group defends religious people whose civil rights have been violated just like they defend atheists. Any objective observer knows this.

Creationist Ken Ham isn’t sure what to make of that information, though. Ham constantly spouts the “religious freedom” argument and rails against groups like the ACLU… but they’re defending religion here… and that messes with his persecution narrative… what should he do?!

Simple! Trash the ACLU because they would never support Christians this way:

Now, I wonder, would the ACLU defend a Christian wanting to wear a Bible verse or carry a Bible to a graduation ceremony so they could honor their heavenly Father and the Christian heritage of their family? I would say no! They have consistently showed that they are hostile towards Christians and Christianity. Really, this case represents to me the hypocrisy of such groups. They will defend the free exercise of religion — as long as it’s not the free exercise of Christianity!

Say it all together now: Ken Ham is full of shit.

Not only has the ACLU defended Christians in the past, they’ve done it so often, someone created a website documenting several of the cases.

By the way, that’s the first link that comes up when you do a Google search for “ACLU defending Christians” (without the quotation marks).

Which means that the Answers in Genesis “research team,” which helped Ham write the post, couldn’t even bother looking up the very thing they were so quick to deny. That’s how incompetent they are.

So to answer Ham’s question, yes, of course the ACLU would defend the rights of Christians who were following the law. The only reason he probably thinks otherwise is that the Christians who tend to complain about these things violate the rules all the time. Just like Ham is doing, trying to get tax breaks for his Ark Encounter project despite discriminating in his hiring.

Maybe if someone draws him a picture, he’ll finally understand this.

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