The #CharlieCharlieChallenge Was a Giant Marketing Stunt… Say Those Who Believe Anything You Tell Them June 1, 2015

The #CharlieCharlieChallenge Was a Giant Marketing Stunt… Say Those Who Believe Anything You Tell Them

Remember that whole “Charlie Charlie Challenge” in which gullible people would try to summon a Mexican demon with an American name? And then even more gullible people told them not to do it because it was tempting Satan?

Some websites are now saying it was a marketing stunt for an upcoming movie, The Gallows:

But wait! If you watch that trailer, it really has nothing to do with the meme. There’s a character named Charlie… and that’s all they have in common. Sure, there’s a brief bit with pencils (like the Vine above), but it may have just been thrown in there after-the-fact to make the trailer seem relevant. (If it’s in the film, I’ll have to take that back.)

More likely than not, the producers saw the #CharlieCharlie trend and are now trying their best to piggyback on it.

It’s not a marketing stunt. It’s just a silly meme that serves as a litmus test for figuring out how gullible people can be.

I only wish I thought of it first.

(Thanks to Meagan for the link)

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