Here’s What Megyn Kelly Should Ask Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar During Their Interview June 1, 2015

Here’s What Megyn Kelly Should Ask Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar During Their Interview

Fox News announced this weekend that Megyn Kelly would conduct the first interview with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar since it became publicly known that their eldest son Josh molested four of his sisters (and an additional girl) when he was younger.

The interview is scheduled to air Wednesday night.

Since Fox News always takes its programming notes from atheists, here are several questions I’d love to see Kelly ask the Duggars:

  • Why did they wait a year before reporting Josh’s crimes? Had the Duggars told the authorities immediately, some of the incidents may not have occurred.
  • What help did they offer the girls who were molested? As far as we know, those children received nothing.
  • Last year, Michelle Duggar fought to repeal an LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance in Fayetteville, Arkansas by saying that the ordinance gave “males with past child predator convictions” the chance to harm the “safety and innocence of a child.” How could she say that knowing the kind of damage her own son inflicted upon children?
  • Do the Duggars consider themselves hypocrites for saying that LGBT individuals pose more of a threat to children than their own son?
  • The Duggars believe they are simply living out “God’s plan” for their lives. Why do they believe child molestation is part of God’s plan?
  • As proponents of purity culture, did they punish their daughters for leading Josh astray?
  • Do their believe their daughters’ purity (and value) was stolen from them? If not, how is that different from kids who fool around consensually?
  • If the Duggars discovered that President Obama molested his kids a decade ago, how would they respond? Would they forgive him? Would they ask people to respect the family’s privacy? What if we were talking about a gay or lesbian person?
  • Why should their show remain on the air?
  • Jim Bob Duggar said in 2002 that those who commit incest should face the death penalty. Why should his son be exempt?
  • Josh accepted Christ when he was 7. He molested his sisters when he was 14. Was he a real Christian when he touched his sisters’ breasts and vaginas? Or was he a liar?
  • The Duggars have been influenced by Bill Gothard, who was accused by 34 women of sexual harassment. The police officer friend who gave Josh a “very stern talk” is now in prison on child porn charges. Do the Duggars think the culture they promote has anything to do with this problem or are these merely coincidences?
  • How are they so sure Josh won’t molest little kids again? How are they protecting their grandchildren?
  • Do they think people criticizing their family’s handling of this situation are just persecuting them because of their Christian faith?

C’mon Megyn. Ask at least some of these…

(Image via Wikipedia. Thanks to Facebook readers for the suggestions)

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