Locked Out of My Own Facebook Page… Please Help? May 29, 2015

Locked Out of My Own Facebook Page… Please Help?

***Update***: I appear to have control of the page again. Will write more soon. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.

I don’t know what to do. Maybe someone out there can help me out?

Last night, my personal Facebook account was hacked. I went through the site’s security protocol and regained access to my account this morning.

But it looks like whoever got into my account removed both me and my co-administrator from the Friendly Atheist Facebook page. While it looks like the spam has stopped posting, we can’t access it at all. This is a page we’ve spent a lot of time developing and have even purchased ads for. It has nearly 100,000 subscribers right now.

I’ve reported the page as my intellectual property, but I’m worried they’ll just shut it down, which is not what I want. Even though I created the page, there seems to be no way to show Facebook that it should still be mine. I didn’t relinquish control voluntarily, and there’s nowhere to tell Facebook “I was hacked last night, and that’s when the admin privileges were changed, so please revert back to what it used to be!”

My only option, the site tells me, is to contact the page’s admins and try to “resolve” our dispute. That doesn’t help me. I also left a post through the site’s official Help forum. No response yet.

Every route Facebook asks me to take to secure my account point back to my personal page, which I’ve already done and which isn’t fixing this matter. I’ve changed the password and can do the multiple-factor authentication, but that’s not at issue here.

If you have any advice, or know anyone at Facebook who can fix this (one of you have to be reading this, right…?) I would really appreciate your help. I’d be happy to make a donation to your favorite charity, too.

I’m about to get on a plane right now. But if you have any suggestions or I’m missing something obvious, you can reach me here. I’m just frustrated this is so difficult to fix when the problem seems so easy to resolve.

One easy way to help would be to upvote this question on the Facebook help forum so that maybe someone will see it.

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