India College Will Now Accept Openly Transgender and Atheist Students May 28, 2015

India College Will Now Accept Openly Transgender and Atheist Students

This is pretty neat, especially in a country known for its traditional and cultural norms: India’s Jorhat College (Amalgamated) will now accept openly transgender and atheist students, becoming one of the first schools of its kind to do so (if not the first):

The admission forms of the college for the next academic year, starting July, will differ from other colleges in the Northeast as it will have an additional option in the gender column apart from male and female categories — transgender or the third gender.

[College President Devabrata] Sharma said the decision to open admissions to the transgender community was not only an “important step” taken by the institute but a rational one too, based on the principle of equality and non-discrimination that every society should practise.

Sharma said the institute has also decided to introduce believer and non-believer (of religious faith) column in the admission form. Students who do not believe in any religion can declare the same and those who practise religion can fill up the faith they follow.

I had no idea this was a problem for students before, but I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by that. It’s a great step, though, and the school deserves plenty of credit for taking a leadership role on these issues.

(via The Morning Heresy)

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