A Creationist Just Made a Huge Scientific Discovery… Really! May 28, 2015

A Creationist Just Made a Huge Scientific Discovery… Really!

Edgar Nernberg was excavating ground for his company in order to build a new home in Calgary, Alberta when he realized he was looking at something special:


The unearthing was astounding, as five nearly perfect fish fossil specimens were concealed in a block of sandstone in the Paskapoo Formation, a roughly 60-million-year-old rock formation that underlies Calgary.

This latest find will allow researchers to appreciate and learn more about a time period following a major mass extinction that occurred around 66 million years ago that killed off 75 per cent of species, including the dinosaurs.

It’s an astonishing discovery that’s being hailed as one of the “most important fossil finds in decades.” Nernberg knew that he needed to bring in some professionals so he alerted paleontologist Darla Zelenitsky, who works at the University of Calgary. Her team plans to clean up the fossils, analyze them, and put them on display.

Even more interesting is that Nernberg is a hard-core Creationist. He sits on the board of the Big Valley Creation Science Museum (whose website, I’m pretty sure, is older than their conception of the age of the universe).

Did the discovery change his mind at all?

No, it hasn’t changed my mind. We all have the same evidence, and it’s just a matter of how you interpret it,” says Nernberg.

“If I had my druthers, I’d want them in the (Creationist) museum. This is certainly the coolest thing I’ve found over the years,” said Nernberg.

So the man who thinks the universe is a few thousand years old made a discovery that could help the rest of us understand what happened nearly 66 million years ago. Hilarious.

Obviously, his Creationism didn’t have anything to do with the discovery. But I would give it a day before Ken Ham starts touting this as proof of how Creationists make huge contributions to science.

(via Sean McGuire. Image via University of Calgary)

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