Christian Right Leader: If Gay Adults Are Allowed to Become Scout Leaders, They’ll Molest Your Children May 27, 2015

Christian Right Leader: If Gay Adults Are Allowed to Become Scout Leaders, They’ll Molest Your Children

Christian Right leader Matt Barber (below) is worried that the Boy Scouts of America may soon allow gay adult leaders, proving that he’s the only guy in America currently associating child molestation with someone other than Josh Duggar.

He references something he said two years ago when the BSA allowed openly gay scouts to join the organization:

“… It’s only a matter of time until the BSA is forced to capitulate to sexual extremists’ political demands and allow homosexual adults — men who define their identity based upon carnal appetites for other males — to take your boys on overnight camping trips.

Barber and conservative Christians like him are really the only people who hear “homosexual” and immediately think “sodomy.” I run into straight people all the time. I don’t immediately start considering which sexual positions are their favorites.

Just goes to show you these people are more concerned about hypothetical sexual assault by gay people than actual sexual assault by straight people.

He continues:

Parents, the BSA is about to place political correctness above your child’s safety to a level unprecedented in the once-honorable organization’s long and storied history. This is not an opinion. It’s an empirical, quantifiable certainty.

Riiiight. This, coming from a guy who also thinks the Bible is literally true. His judgment of what we ought to be certain about is clearly impaired.

I’ll state the obvious: Even if the BSA allowed in openly gay troop leaders, they would have to pass the same background checks and training courses as everyone else.

Only bigots think that saying yes to gay leaders means opening the floodgates to child molestation.

Parents, you’ve been warned. If you leave your children in the Boy or Girls Scouts of America [which now allows transgender scouts], anything that might happen is on your head.

the BSA remains committed to child-endangerment and extremist sexual activism.

I’d feel much safer with my child in the BSA, supervised by a qualified adult, than around church leaders who spew this sort of bigotry regularly and have this much hate in their hearts.

Remember: The only reason openly gay scout leaders aren’t allowed in the BSA right now is because the organization was trying to appease people like Barber. If that’s not reason enough to get rid of the ban, I don’t know what is.

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