Islamic Strife… Over Whether or Not Muhammad Wiggled His Finger May 26, 2015

Islamic Strife… Over Whether or Not Muhammad Wiggled His Finger

Sectarian strife within Islam is in the headlines every day. It’s more than enough to make you cry. At times, you just have to laugh.

Take that phrase “sectarian strife,” for instance. What’s that really about, anyway? I stumbled upon one answer recently on YouTube, where I discovered that many Muslim clerics are posting passionate — and sometimes angry — videos fiercely debating one particularly weighty “Islamic Issue.”

On how to advance Islamic nations toward greater peace? Or how to improve human rights?

No. This is important! The imams are distressed by “wrong” Muslims who delight the devil by incorrectly moving their finger during prayer!

Yes, it’s Islam’s Great Finger-Wiggling Schism!

The core issue is: Did Muhammad shake it, or not?

Watch and learn the real way to defeat evil in the world, according to the Prophet.

(By the way, none of that is out of context — except for Jerry Lee Lewis. The “Islamic Issues” graphic really was used for a finger-wiggling discussion. The cleric at the end really did make that dismayingly lighthearted aside after serious finger-wiggling instruction.)

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