High School Student Exposes Jehovah’s Witnesses: “Within This Religion, Love is Conditional” May 24, 2015

High School Student Exposes Jehovah’s Witnesses: “Within This Religion, Love is Conditional”

***Update***: Based on a sign in the classroom behind the student in the video, this appears to be Manitowoc Lincoln High School — the same school that recently put up posters encouraging boys to “protect her character” at Prom.

(Thanks to reader Noby for help figuring this out)

I don’t know who this girl is yet. But according to a video going viral on YouTube (200,000 views and counting), she’s giving a presentation about the Jehovah’s Witnesses to a high school class. It’s the religion in which she was raised.

Start watching from the 2:27 mark:

Really powerful presentation — and heartbreaking all around.

The details of this video are unclear. We don’t know who this student is, what the assignment was, what class this is, or where the school is located.

I’m also *very* curious how a high school teacher allowed a single student to give a 15-minute presentation since, when I was teaching, that would have taken more than two weeks of class time…

The student makes a reference to Manitowoc, Wisconsin, if that helps.

I’ve reached out to the person who uploaded the video — the username is basically “JW bad” — and will provide updates if/when I have them.

(Thanks to tazemanian-devil for the link)

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