Let Us Celebrate the Birth of the Demon Spawn May 23, 2015

Let Us Celebrate the Birth of the Demon Spawn

This baptism announcement was actually printed in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet this week:

Take a look at it, and it’s not hard to see the 666 in her hair, the fact that her name is short for Lucifer, and the email address which is “Satan’s Mother” backwards.

It’s all part of a guerrilla marketing campaign for the Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest, a film festival. And the newspaper’s editors didn’t catch it at all:

I have never seen anything like it. Unfortunately, we failed in our procedures… and it was a shame. We must ensure that it does not happen again, says SvD’s CIO Björn Hygstedt…

I’m not sure how they missed it. Who the hell advertises baptisms in newspapers these days, anyway?

(via Dangerous Minds)

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