The Clinic Josh Duggar Attended Was Started by a Man Accused of Sexually Harrassing Dozens of Women May 22, 2015

The Clinic Josh Duggar Attended Was Started by a Man Accused of Sexually Harrassing Dozens of Women

***Update***: A CNN article says that Josh Duggar did not, in fact, stay at this clinic, contrary to the police report:

Jim Bob Duggar initially said upon finding out about his actions, they sent their son to a “Christian ministry” for some “hard physical work and counseling,” but Michelle Duggar later revealed they simply sent him to stay with a family friend for a period of time.

This story just keeps getting worse, doesn’t it?

As you may recall, when it was discovered that Josh Duggar had been touching his sisters’ breasts and vaginas, he was sent by his parents to a Christian clinic for “counseling.”

The police report said this:

[Jim Bob Duggar] said that after these incidents, he had met with the elders of his church and had told them what was going on. James said that they all agreed that [Josh] needed to be put into a treatment program… James said that they found out about a Christian program in Little Rock which they felt more comfortable with. James said that he could not remember the name of the program, but that it was conducted by a Christian ministry in the old Veterans Hospital in Little Rock and the man who ran it was Harold Walker. James said that he thought that the program was affiliated with the Little Rock Police Department since they had a station in the same building.

Turns out that clinic run by Harold Walker was the Basic Life Principles Training Center.

And guess who founded the Institute in Basic Life Principles?

Bill Gothard (below), a Christian who stepped down from his ministry last year after 34 women accused him of sexual harassment:

Says the Daily Mail:

There were also reports that Gothard, who also runs the ALERT Academy which most of the Duggard boys have attended, was not reporting cases of child abuse.

He has long been a friend of the Duggars and even been featured on their TLC show 19 Kids and Counting.

Gothard was never charged with any crimes, but it was his ministry that ran the clinic Josh Duggar attended.

And this is how Duggar supposedly got back on the right track.

(via Joe. My. God. Top image via Twitter)

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