Christian Blogger: Josh Duggar’s Critics Are Hypocrites Who Didn’t Care When Lena Dunham Touched Her Sister May 22, 2015

Christian Blogger: Josh Duggar’s Critics Are Hypocrites Who Didn’t Care When Lena Dunham Touched Her Sister

Matt Walsh, a conservative Christian blogger at The Blaze, doesn’t think this whole Josh Duggar thing is a big deal.

Josh Duggar

Sure, he molested his sisters, but c’mon. People are making a way bigger deal about this than they should be.

In fact, Walsh says, it’s progressives who are the real hypocrites here:

Speaking of hypocrites, I’m going to be very frank with you: I simply don’t believe most progressives actually care that Josh Duggar touched his sisters when he was 14. I don’t believe they are upset about it, or that it offends them, or that they are morally troubled by it. I don’t believe them. I just don’t.

I think they’re the real hypocrites.

After all, Lena Dunham admitted to inappropriately touching her sister, and she told the story in a jovial way, as if it were an amusing anecdote. Unlike Josh — who repented long ago, and when it was made public owned up to it and apologized again — Lena responded by telling her critics in the right wing conspiracy to “back the f**k up, bros.” While Duggar called his own behavior inexcusable, Dunham described the people upset about her behavior as “disgusting old men.”

Yet Dunham remains a liberal hero.

So Walsh is comparing the one-off, self-admitted genital touching of her sister when Dunham was seven years old with the repeated, buried, while-they-were-sleeping groping of multiple girls by a teenage Josh Duggar.

Totally the same thing.

Walsh goes on to say he would’ve done the same thing as the Duggar parents:

I know I’m opening myself up to serious criticism here, but let me be honest with you: If my own son, God forbid, came to me and admitted to doing what Josh Duggar did, I don’t know that I’d immediately run to the cops.

Would you? Is it really that simple? The decision to have your child arrested as a sex offender would be an automatic thing for you? Really?

I guess I’m just a horrible person then.

(Yes, Matt Walsh, you’re a horrible person.)

You know, I could understand what he’s saying about not wanting to turn in a family member for a crime… but when it happens repeatedly and the victims are still in the house, choosing not to take serious action says you care more about covering up a crime for your son than caring about the well-being of your daughters. What the Duggars did in response to the crimes was ineffective and at least a year late.

Walsh is effectively saying that he cares more about protecting a child molester than molested children.

Because blood is thicker than, you know, woman-blood.

You get the idea.

Walsh doesn’t mention anywhere in his piece that the girls were molested while they were asleep, or that Josh Duggar received counseling from someone who wasn’t trained or licensed.

Details, details. Nothing a little Jesus can’t fix, right?

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