Christian Pastor Uses Bull to Draw in Converts May 21, 2015

Christian Pastor Uses Bull to Draw in Converts

Have you ever seen a more perfect metaphor…?

In order to get media attention, a pastor at Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio (home of Hug Me Jesus) brought in a bull during a church service. (Because what else are you gonna do with all that tax-free money. Help people?)

In front of a packed church, Pastor Lawrence Bishop II, climbed up on the back of a snorting, anxious bull named Bonecrusher. The animal was let loose, and Bishop hung on tight as he was bucked around the ring he built inside his Ohio church. He lasted about three seconds before being thrown off and trampled.

Battered and bruised, the 48-year-old preacher then picked himself up, climbed to safety and began his sermon.

He spent three seconds on the bull before spending another hour delivering bull.

Sounds about right.

Oh, by the way, the pastor wants you to know he loves homosexuals:

“We love homosexuals,” Bishop said. “I had an uncle that was homosexual that died of AIDS. Deeply loved him. We love the homosexuals. But we do not agree with homosexuality because the Bible is against it.

The verdict’s still out on whether Bishop or Bonecrusher dropped more bullshit during the service.

(Thanks to Jaynee for the link)

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