Governor Bobby Jindal is Smarter Than the Republican Party Will Allow Him to Be May 20, 2015

Governor Bobby Jindal is Smarter Than the Republican Party Will Allow Him to Be

Even though Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was in the news yesterday for saying he would sign an executive order allowing (some) faith-based discrimination against LGBT people, Zack Kopplin reminds us that Jindal also has it out for science education.

But Kopplin points out that his family knew Jindal for years. Kopplin even attended the same school as Jindal’s kids. On paper, this is not a governor who should be supporting Creationism. It’s clearly a political move:

Whatever the governor may hope, his kids are attending one of the best schools in Louisiana, and they are only being taught evolution. I know, because I had their seventh-grade biology teacher, Catherine Cummins, myself, and she makes a point to emphasize real science.

I’m sure Jindal’s kids are intelligent, capable, and hardworking. And they’re learning evolution. In fact, in the governor, they probably have an excellent science tutor. They might even go to Brown University and major in biology, just like their father. I just hope that unlike their dad, they never embrace pseudoscience because of their presidential ambition.

It’s a twist, really, that Jindal has to dumb himself down in order to get the GOP nomination and win over the Christian base when we’re so used to Republicans having to act smart when they’re really not. (Looking at you, Sarah Palin.)

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