Saudi Arabia Has Posted Job Openings for Eight New Executioners to Carry Out Beheadings May 19, 2015

Saudi Arabia Has Posted Job Openings for Eight New Executioners to Carry Out Beheadings

If you support Sharia Law and you really need a government job, Saudi Arabia has you covered. The Ministry of Civil Service just posted eight openings for executioners:

There have been 85 executions so far this year.

Since beheading is the method of choice in the Islamic country, it’s unclear how anyone has work experience. I guess you just need that drive. And bloodlust.

The job openings posted Monday did not specify relevant experience, training or a preferred educational background required for the job, nor was the salary indicated.

In some Saudi provinces, the job of swordsman is passed down from father to son.

In Qassim Province, north of the capital, Riyadh, the primary swordsman works full time as a guard for the region’s prince and carries out executions on the side, earning a bonus of more than $1,000 per head, according to local government officials who know him.

Oh. And before you dismiss all this as part of a messed-up system in a backwards nation, keep in mind that the United States executed 35 people last year. They weren’t beheadings, but the effect was the same. The people who injected those poisons were arguably not horrible people. The security guards who kept everything running as planned were just doing their jobs. They’re not the problems here; the problem is that we, like the people in Saudi Arabia, consider death an acceptable punishment for a crime, no matter how heinous it may have been (even if the evidence for it turns out to be a farce).

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